Implementation of nearly zero energy buildings on the national level - Brüssel

Donnerstag, 18 Juni, 2015 - 11:00
EU Energy Week

Anlässlich der European Sustainable Energy Week 2015 veranstaltet die International Passive House Association gemeinsam mit der Acttive House Alliance eine Fachveranstaltung zur Implementierung von Nearly Zero Energy Buildings die nationalen Gesetze. Die Vorträge sind teil der Reihe der Policy Conference in Brüssel. Auch Günter Lang wird als Leiter der Passivhaus Austria über die österreichische Situation referieren.

This conference will discuss and present the implementation of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) into national legislation, to show national developments and provide examples of NZEB projects. The presentations will be based on the Passive House and Active House philosophies and will be followed by a discussion on what is needed to strengthen the implementation further.

Part one: Where are we with the implementation and methodologies?

  • General introduction on NZEB, voluntary certifications scheme and the process for the review of the EPBD that is due by the end of 2016 – Paula Rey García, European Commission, DG ENERGY
  • Presentation of the Passive House Standard – The Passive House Institute
  • Presentation of the Active House Methodology – Kurt Emil Eriksen, Secretary General, the Active House Alliance

Part two: What have we already learned with the development of NZEB buildings?

  • Presentations from Austria – Johannes Kislinger, Innovative Gebäude and Günter Lang, Passivhaus Austria
  • Presentation from Germany – Prof. Dr. Natalie Eßig, HS München, ESSIGPLAN GmbH, AktivPlus EV
  • Presentation from the Netherlands – Erwin Mlecnik, TU Delft

Part three: How can the European Commission strengthen implementation and what should be integrated into the revision of the EPBD?

  • Plenum debate, moderated by the Active House Alliance and the International Passive House Association

Networking Village
Take also a look at the Networking Village programme to find out more about the activities that will take place in the EUSEW discussion area, at the DGs’ permanent stands and in the speakers’ corner. An updated version of this programme will be released this week.

The 2015 EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference is a unique opportunity for hundreds of participants to not only boost their knowledge, but also to meet and network with other stakeholders and participants with whom they can interact and share experiences.

The Networking Village is a special feature of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, giving delegates the chance to play a much more active role in the 10th edition of the Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference.

The networking activities will take place on 16, 17 and 18 June 2015 at two venues:

  • The European Commission’s Charlemagne building;
  • The Committee of the Regions’ Jacques Delors building.

On Thursday the 18th there will be Wolfgang Feist's presentation "Today’s sustainable energy design for buildings of tomorrow" at 14:30.


Weitere Informationen und Anmeldemöglichkeiten (bis 12.06. möglich) finden sich auf der Seite der European Sustainable Energy Week.